ADIOS AMIGO by jerzyfotos


We considered arranging to take this cutie back with us to Canada but he is a Mexican beach dog. He would miss the freedom of the beach.
He is a cutie - and he looks quite healthy and well cared for.
February 29th, 2024  
He looks a tad sad here.
March 1st, 2024  
March 2nd, 2024  
Like what he is wearing!
March 8th, 2024  
ADORABLE! You were so sweet to not adopt it! My friend had a chihuahua that I LOVED. She would always try to give it to me. But I didn't take her because I know she would miss her HOME and MAMA! BE FREE, Sweet Mexican Beach Dog!
March 9th, 2024  
March 11th, 2024  
Must have been hard - lovely expression captured
March 28th, 2024  
Great capture
April 10th, 2024  
What a sweet little thing. Great job!
May 22nd, 2024  
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