Out of focus as is  normal by joysabin

Out of focus as is normal

A bit of trying to understand blur and life
An intriguing effect
June 25th, 2023  
Not an expert on either but, IMO blur is easier to get a handle on than life is.
June 25th, 2023  
Nice effect!
June 25th, 2023  
Ditto Joanne
June 25th, 2023  
you are just getting way too creative!!
June 25th, 2023  
@corinnec @marlboromaam @granagringa Thank you so much. Trying to become better acquainted with ICM and blur does take patience.
@gardencat @jgpittenger So true! Just when I think I 'get it' the world throws me a loop. Maybe I will just learn to live with fuzzy edges.
June 25th, 2023  
This is great!
June 25th, 2023  
Fabulous effect. Whenever I master a skill, they do updates and I'm blurry again.
June 25th, 2023  
Love this!
June 26th, 2023  
@christinav @haskar @ellene Thank you so very much. I sorta feel resigned that technology will always be one (or 200) steps ahead of me.
June 27th, 2023  
I really like this image and your comments about technology.
June 29th, 2023  
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