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I'm from Kansas where the beauty, aside from its glorious sunrises and sunsets, is "subtle." I find that beauty is one of the few things that unites people, and doesn't cause hurt, division, or strife.

The following photos made it to the Top Twenty (TT):
Spread Your Wings: https://365project.org/kareenking/365/2019-11-30
The Race: https://365project.org/kareenking/365/2019-11-21
Twice as Nice https://365project.org/kareenking/365/2018-11-09
Haybale Watchtower https://365project.org/kareenking/365/2018-06-17
Pink Descent https://365project.org/kareenking/365/2018-04-14
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep https://365project.org/kareenking/365/2018-02-01
Hawk and Barn https://365project.org/kareenking/365/2017-11-27
Kansas Sunrise 10-9-17 https://365project.org/kareenking/365/2017-10-09
Go Ahead, Make Our Day https://365project.org/kareenking/365/2017-07-02
Just Had a Facial http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2017-04-30
Hawk at Kansas Sunset https://365project.org/kareenking/365/2017-04-23
Flint Hills Nature Trail Surprise https://365project.org/kareenking/365/2017-03-25
Kansas Sunrise 2-5-17 https://365project.org/kareenking/365/2017-02-05
Kansas Sunset 11-23-15 http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2015-11-23
Fountains at Union Station http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2015-09-05
A Little Sunset Greeting from Kansas http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2015-07-16
Singing Tree - http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2015-06-08
Galloping Horse - http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2015-05-21
Declaration - http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2015-04-18
Mother and Foal - http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2015-04-10
Kansas Sunrise on the First Day of Spring - http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2015-03-20
Glad I Got Up This Morning - http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2015-02-09
Enchanted Field - http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2015-01-18
Horse Wins Golden Globe - http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2015-01-12
That Fence - http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2014-11-14
Doors of Brussels - http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2014-10-22
Tangerine Fog Sunrise (SOOC) http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2014-07-31
Clarity Comes After the Fog - http://365project.org/kareenking/kansas-beauty/2014-06-25
Bambi - http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2014-06-16
Heaven - http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2013-06-05

The following are competition winners:
Favorite Collage: http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2014-05-28
Six-Word Contest: http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2014-07-30

The following are Top Twenty could-have-beens. I learned awhile back that stats are collected from Wednesday to Wednesday. For more on that, see http://365project.org/blog/behind-the-scenes-of-365-project. So if you posted a great photo on a Tuesday, you're less likely to acquire enough fav's for a TT
Behold https://365project.org/kareenking/365/2017-04-11
Three Deer in a Cornfield http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2014-09-22
Got My Eye on You http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2014-05-20
Kansas Sunrise Favorites http://365project.org/kareenking/365/2014-05-28

Original Profile:
I live in Osage City, KS, a small town near the Flint Hills Nature Trail, a 117 mile long trail between Osawatomie and Herington, KS. I love, especially, taking nature photos along the trail and in the countryside where I live. I didn't start taking photos until about a year and a half ago. My two boys bought me a Nikon D60 for Christmas last year and I've been hooked ever since, how playing with a Nikon D500.
I am also a Registered Drama Therapist and founder of The Golden Experience (www.thegoldenexperience.com) and author of "Engage! 28 Creative Enrichment Experiences for Older Adults" (ArtAge Pub.). I work with organizations that want to create a culture where elders and their care partners are loved, validated, and creatively engaged. Besides serving weekly as a Creative Engagement Specialist at two retirement communities, I present educational concerts and keynotes for conferences in the world of aging services (Health Care, Alzheimer's and Dementia, Ombudsman, Caregivers, Activity Professionals, Hospice, etc.).