Fratellis Again

Another from Friday night's concert. Here's more of the story:

So, The Fratellis are one of my (18 y/o) son's favorite bands. A Scottish band that apparently doesn't tour the US all that often. So, not long ago he (my son, that is) came to me and announced that they would be playing in Chicago, and proposing that he/we go. Well it's a week before he graduates high school, and not too long before he heads off to college, so these types of opportunities will be getting rarer and rarer.

We did a little digging, and decided to have an adventure. He and I, along with one of his friends, took Friday off (from work/school) and drove from St. Louis area to Chicago to see the band. Spent the night at a hotel, and came home Saturday.

It was a good time, and (hopefully) an adventure he'll remember (fondly) for a long time.

Just a snapshot, really. And pushing the limits of the iPhone (or perhaps a bit past the limits).... But a good memory

Chicago, Illinois
He will always remember his concert weekend with you, what a great thing to do with your boy!
posted May 14th, 2018  
It is great that you took this opportunity with your son. Special father/son adventure.
posted May 14th, 2018  
@louannwarren @henrir Thanks both!
posted May 14th, 2018  
The Fratellis! Send me back 10 years, didn't even know they were still around. Cool shot
posted May 14th, 2018  
@stefanotrezzi Thanks Stefano! Still around and with a new album (released in 2018).
posted May 22nd, 2018  
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