Supplies and Inspiration by mozette

Supplies and Inspiration

Today was a real run-around!

First off the Rochedale Fruit'n'Veggie Market was closed - and I only caught the sign as I pulled into the driveway! So, I had to turn around and then head back to my shopping area to do all my grocery shopping.

Then, I bought some paint for tomorrow's start on my painting for my bedroom. I'll be doing this at a friend's house where he's got a garage to work in... it'll be cold and worthwhile to do this while I have the image of what I want in my head.

And there's going to be a vase in my painting, so I photographed this vase (which ironically is the exact type I want in it without the designs - or maybe they might be, I'm not sure yet). Then, I'll have it on my phone to look at. :D

I have been asked to stay overnight at my friend's house so the paint can dry on the canvas, and I can work on the painting more the next morning after breakfast... before going home... no matter what, it'll be fun to do! :D
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