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Identify This No. 174

What are these funny things?

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Ah! Quite a few people got it last time. An old zinc tube of something. Actually medicinal skin moisturiser, but not important. 'Tube' was fine. Nicely done you clever bunch!

Clever and correct people...
Miley; Ann H. LeFevre; Alison Bailey; Shannon Pitton; Mike Warren; Miley; Mair; Marilyn Wigen; Tracy; Shanne; Tracy; eva; karenann; Howard Steele; Lisa Pouncy; stephanie dp; Natacha Murphy

Commendable comments...
Miley - A tube of pain or glue or something along those lines Net says:-->> Ah! Those lovely typos! So, funny. I liked the idea of a tube of pain!. Cool. LOL.

judith deacon - Its a thingamybob that screws into a watchamecallit! Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy! LOL.

Charlene Barker - Looks like the bottom of a lightbulb... Net says:-->> Not any of mine it doesn't! LOL. Nice try.

Ann H. LeFevre - It does look like a tube of something like silver polish or glue, but that would be too obvious and definitely not the mind bending shots I'm used to in this game. So, what could it be????? I want to say it's a floodlight, but the connecting section isn't going the right way. Hmmmm.... to me it actually looks like the top of a bottle, but because it's made of metal it makes me think it must be the container for something chemical or acidic like turpentine. I think you got me on this one! Net says:-->> LOL, so much thinking I can hear the cogs whirring from here! Great, I think you got it... despite your attempts, a 'tube' says it all! Sometimes simple is actually what it is! LOL> nice one.

Alison Bailey - Tube of glue? Tube of artists' paint? I'm just off to B&Q and the art shop to check. :-)
It certainly *looks* like one of those tubes of something where you have to pierce the nozzle and then the contents ooze out over everything. Net says:-->> I hope the trip to B&Q was fruitful! Nice idea but not necessary. You were right a tube! Not one of those nasty plastic ones, a real one! A correct answer! Yeeehaa!

Shannon Pitton - Aluminum water bottle. Or a tube of paint or some other item that would come in a metal tube. Net says:-->> Oooops! Not a water bottle, but I liked that. Correct with the tube!

Mike Warren - It looks like a fresh glue container. Net says:-->> Yes, like it. Nice, I always put glue on my skin when it is sore! LOL. Close enough. An old metal style tube!

Harry J Benson - oil container Net says:-->> Sadly not. LOL. If you had said tube, now that would have been right!

Mair - It's a sealed tube of something like garlic puree or ointment. Net says:-->> Correctomundo!!! Yeaheeea! Well done.

Miley - Oooh ...OR Bonjela! Actually no! But could have been - you saw the little dash of blue. Well spotted. Like that. Nice one.

Marilyn Wigen - Great shot... I'm going with the majority here and saying it's a metal tube of something. :) Net says:-->> Correctomundo!

Tracy - this looks like a tube of glue. Net says:-->> ...does dosn't it? That would be not quite correct, but the tube part is correct! Yeehaaasa!

Paula x2 Brumbe - one of the metal canisters that holds your developing chemicals and such. Net says:-->> Oooh! Sorry to disappoint. I hated all the wet stuff! Seems like centuries ago and I did very little of it. I am NOT an old school photog at all! I always got other people to do my developing. I was strictly a camera holder.

Kathy A - Aluminium water bottle. Net says:-->> Sadly not... but now you remind me I am off to the loo... LOL. Nice try.

william wooderson - A bottle of turps? Nope! Interesting interpretation though. A doohicky award! Yeeehaaaaaa!

Shanne - metal tube - glue, tomato purée, whatever... Net says:-->> YES! Well done. It is in fact a tube of whatever! Specially formulated for my lovely skin! LOL. Nice observational powers.

Ron Bee - A Canteen :) Net says:-->> Complete with canteen ladies and school dinners? LOL, sadly not a canteen. A tube!

Jane Pittenger - Olive oil bottle? Net says:-->> No, but just as gentle on the skin. LOL. Nice try.

eva - A tube of summat (cheese, tomato puree - although most of all it reminds me of a Swedish "caviar" tube). Net says:-->> Love the idea of a tube of 'summat' - Cool. I will have two please. correct on the tube bit.

Robin and Tom - My guess is a propane container that attaches to a portable grill. Net says:-->> Wow! Specific, but not one of those. Cool guess though. Or actually a hot guess! LOL> tee hee.

Sue Wilde -New liner for your thermos flask! Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy!

C J Riggs - A lightbulb whose bottom fell out which allowed all the light to escape, therefore leaving the top (rounded) part dark and dreary. Net says:-->> Huge LOL! Liked this one so much I am going to give you a Doohicky Award! Cool one.

Dione Giorgio - I thought it is a transparent plastic bottle. Net says:-->> Sadly not! LOL. Good try.

karenann - Love the minimalism . . great lighting and shadow work. Metal tube of something (maybe something for a camera?) Or something good like pate´ ... :) Net says:-->> Definitely a metal tube. Not sure I would like the taste of medicinal skin cream, but it does have a nice coconut smell. Well done!

Howard Steele - Very tube like Net says:-->> Very correct like! LOL. Nice one.

Beth - I like the lighting. I looks like a bottle with the lid missing to me. Net says:-->> Oooops! No, sorry! Yaahy!

jerry plume - It looks like the liquid plastic bubble stuff you put at the end of a straw. Can you tell I have kids! :) Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy! And yes, I can tell you have kids. Nice idea. LOL!

Lisa Pouncy - End of a toothpaste tube?? xx Net says:-->> Correctomundo, only not toothpaste, but close enough!

Jen Hudson - Inside torch reflector? Net says:-->> Like that one. LOL. A good attempt. A doohicky award!

stephanie dp - tube of something? Net says:-->> Yes! Don't know what I would do without that tube of something! NIce one. LOL.

Natacha Murphy - it's a tube of paint before you pierce it. Net says:-->> Top marks. It IS an un-pierced tube. Excellent observation.

Pyrrhula - I also go for a tube. Net says:-->> Then, you be right! Yeaaaahaaasa!

Thanks for coming by everyone. I love your contributions, each and every one. Its fun.
They are end stops for leprechauns' barbells. The one on the left is for the larger, competition size model.
March 23rd, 2012  
Sorry! Haven't got a clue but, it's an interesting shot!
March 23rd, 2012  
Like the lighting and shadows but no guesses
March 23rd, 2012  
These are bottom plates for mounting cameras to clamps and brackets.
March 23rd, 2012  
looks like a bogen tripod head mount for a superclamp on the left and a camera lockdown from a bogen tripod head on the right
March 23rd, 2012  
They look like screws . . . but no idea
March 23rd, 2012  
They look like the kind of levels that fit into the feet of things like my dishwasher.
March 23rd, 2012  
They look like self leveling feet for an appliance of some kind?
March 23rd, 2012  
nice photo sorry i don't know
March 23rd, 2012  
You've got me there... some kind of spinning wheel?!
March 23rd, 2012  
@dulciknit LOL! Hysterical! :)
March 23rd, 2012  
They look like knobs that tighten something but what I have no clue
March 23rd, 2012  
Big Daddy screwy bit has put on his nightclub shineys in an attempt to court little miss screwy bit. She, however, is determined to resist his whiles and to enter the nunnery.
March 23rd, 2012  
something totally cool.
March 24th, 2012  
I agree with the others who have said they're knobs used for tightening things or mounting things. I can't think of the technical term for them, but the one on the right looks like the kind of knob that used to tighten the legs of my old tripod to hold them at the angle and height I wanted to shoot from. However if you'd like them to be something more creative, they do sort of look like little spaceships- at least in my mind they do. (o:
March 24th, 2012  
Wow, my brain is not cooperating, I have no idea! A merry-go-round for steam punk fairies? Sure looks cool! 8D
March 24th, 2012  
Camera bottom bracket extender sdrews
March 24th, 2012  
Cool shot. Sorry, no idea!
March 24th, 2012  
To me it also looks like barbells for the tiny dwarf people LOL!
March 24th, 2012  
I agree with Chris...something of the sort.
March 24th, 2012  
I think these could be governors for want of having an idea
March 25th, 2012  
Since you're showing us the WHOLE picture, it can't be something simple . . I'd guess something for camera equipment. I REALLY love your replies to our guesses. You're hilarious!
March 25th, 2012  
No idea but I love reading the stuff on your sight. Excellent focus whatever they are.
March 25th, 2012  
ear plugs? hahahahahahaha!
March 25th, 2012  
March 25th, 2012  
They're round things that screw onto not round things:)
March 27th, 2012  
No clue here!
March 27th, 2012  
On the left a pulley wheel. On the right a clamping device.
March 27th, 2012  
No idea ???????????????//
April 6th, 2012  
Hey Damon, where are you???? I've been missing your marvelous and intriguing works, and your visits. :-))) Hope you are alright; look forwrd to seeing soon......All my best, Les x
April 8th, 2012  
interesting shot :D
April 9th, 2012  
lce cream cones?
April 15th, 2012  
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