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Identify This No. 158

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These were indeed pipe cleaners. But not the ordinary type. They are festive season decoration pipe cleaners. Of course nobody actually uses them to clean their pipes except Santa!

Honourable mentions...
Kathy A - Pipe cleaners in Christmas colours. Net says:-->> Yes! Yeaaaaaahaa!!!

Mike Warren - Christmas trash ties. Net says:-->> LOL, could be! A Doohicky award! LOL>...

Lisabell - Pipe cleaners! You know, I can't recall ever seeing a pipe cleaner being used to clean a pipe. Perhaps we should change the name to something related to their more popular use in children's craft projects. Net says:-->> Good idea. I have seen a child stick them up their nostril - perhaps we could call them nostril cleaners? LOL.

Janet Morris - Festive pipe cleaners :) Net says:-->> Exactement! Ma pettit festive personne! LOL. Yeehaaa!!

Paula Brumbe - the cleaners of pipes. Or more commonly known as fuzzy bending craft sticks. Net says:-->> LOL. I like a bit of fuzzy bending! Tee hee. A Doohicky award! yeehaaa!

Diane Owens - Pipe cleaners? Net says:-->> Correctomundo!!!! Yeehaaaaaaaaa!

Bev - Pipe cleaners. Net says:-->> Er, let me think... Yes! Yeeeehaaaa!!!!

Sue Wilde Pipe cleaners...although I'm not sure why anyone would want to clean their pipe in colour. Net says:-->> Perhaps they have a colourful pipe and want matching pipe cleaners. Why not ask Santa. I got them from him! LOL.

Tena E. Collyer - "Holiday" pipe cleaners? Net says:-->> Definitely for the festive season. Yeehaa!

Tena E. Collyer - fuzzy licorice sticks? Net says:-->> Definitely like that idea. Nice one - LOL. A doohicky award! Yeehaaa"

Shanne - pipe cleaners Net says:-->> OK, have it your way, pipe cleaners! Gosh and there was I thinking they were pipe colourers! LOL. Nice one. yeehaaaa!!!

Robin - I agree; pipe cleaners. Net says:-->> So do I. They are pipe cleaners for the festive season. Yeehaaa! LOL.

Alison Bailey - Craft sticks, based on good old pipe cleaners. Net says:-->> Not sure about the stick bit. Wires maybe. But yes! Yeehaaa.

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matches in a match box
October 19th, 2011  
Either match sticks or french fries.
October 19th, 2011  
Yes, matches in a box - and I can see the pink head on one of them, so I reckon they're Swan Vestas, except the box looks as if it might be blue and SVs come in a yellow box.
October 19th, 2011  
Wooden match sticks is what they are. Had you cropped out the match head in the upper left, I might have guessed wooden french fries!
October 19th, 2011  
Yep, those are matches.
October 19th, 2011  
match sticks , i see a redhead.
October 19th, 2011  
the implements that will light your project on fire. Oh, some call them match sticks.
October 19th, 2011  
I have no clever answer for this one...dang...matches.
October 19th, 2011  
match sticks.
October 19th, 2011  
matches arranged in a very untidy random fashion
October 19th, 2011  
I must admit, they are match sticks.
October 19th, 2011  
What they all said!
October 19th, 2011  
yes match sticks!
October 19th, 2011  
Around here we'd say Ï haven't had one sine Einstein died"so matches.
October 19th, 2011  
October 19th, 2011  
Wooden matches
October 20th, 2011  
EZ one finally...matches--the kind in a match box ;-)
October 20th, 2011  
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