Identify This No. 159 by netkonnexion

Identify This No. 159

what are these funny little objects? And how many of them can you see?

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Nothing like a good screw - and here is a whole packet of them. Chip board screws with posidrive heads. Nothing more to say!

Honourable mentions...
Kathy A - Look like screws to me. Net says:-->> First on the scene! Obviously an expert on screws! LOL. Nice one - Yeehaaaa!

Beth - They look like screws to me. I like the way the light is reflecting on them. Net says:-->> Yes!! Nicely done! Yeehaaa!

Janet Morris - Bag of screws. Net says:-->> Yes, correctomundo! Yeeehhhaaaasa!

Mike Warren - Counter sink wood screws with a Philips head. Net says:-->> Ah ha! Countersunk. I missed that point. Nice one. Tonights special award - the Bonus Fact Award! LOL>... Yeehaaaa!

pixels4u - Size 8 if your in the UK I think. Net says:-->> Wow! Too precise for me! I would have to check the box - but I dont have one! LOL. YeehaaaasA!

mittens (Marilyn) - Screws. Net says:-->> Don't ya just love 'em? LOL. Yes! Correct! Yeaaahasa!

Bev - screws Net says:-->> Wow, I think everyone got this one! Nicely spotted...

Sue Wilde - Screws too. Net says:-->> er, no, there is more than two in there! LOL. Correct! yeeahaasa....!

Charlene Barker - Just a bunch of nifty lookin screws :-) Net says:-->> Ah, have to agree with you there, the nifty screws are definitly the best! LOL... Yeeehaaaa!

Paula Brumbe - wood screws with a flat head which allows it to sink into the wood so as to not stick out and be a distration. Net says:-->> Absolutament! Bon réponse Madame Précise!

Eddy J. W. - Screws ... hahah was thinking of something when i saw this. Net says:-->> I can't imagine what you are thinking! Tsk tsk... LOL.

Shanne - countersunk wood screws, probably cross headed - you wanted to know size? Net says:-->> Nope, you got it. Nicely done. Yeeehaaa!

Robin - Yep, screws. Net says:-->> Yep! Correct. LOL. Yeehaa!

Shirley Chetwynd - yep a bunch of screws. Net says:-->> a bunch already! Wow. They grow on trees now? LOL - correct - yeaaaaahhaaaa!

Alison Bailey - Screws in a bag, not loose - so they are not mine. :-) Net says:-->> Personally I always have my screws loose! Nice one. A Doohicky award! Yeeehaaaa!

Thanks for your visit and all your comments I enjoy them all. Hope to see ya soon!

My other albums today:
grains of rice - but goodness knows how many
October 19th, 2011  
rice in a cup? :)
October 19th, 2011  
Rice in a shot glass?
October 19th, 2011  
Rice? great focus.
October 19th, 2011  
long grain rice..about 500
October 19th, 2011  
1/4 of a cup of rice. I will recommend that kneeling on rice is an uncomfortable notion.
October 19th, 2011  
Grains of uncooked long grain rice and it does look like a shot glass, like Jenn said. 365. Well, it seems appropriate. :-)
October 19th, 2011  
Saki! After all, isn't Saki "rice" wine?
October 19th, 2011  
nice ...
love the concept in here ... =)
October 19th, 2011  
a shot glass full of 500 grains of rice?????
October 19th, 2011  
Definitely looks like rice to me. Either that or a bunce of little petals off of a little flower. :)
October 19th, 2011  
looks like rice...the long-grain kind.
October 19th, 2011  
at first I thought theses where maggots lol
October 19th, 2011  
Rice it would be
October 19th, 2011  
damn, I did not think of Sake, I see the glass, I see the rice and damn, only one out of two Paula's got that right. @aj1268
October 19th, 2011  
@brumbe But two out of two Paula's agree! ;)
October 19th, 2011  
Long grain rice in a wee glass. Only one glass.
October 19th, 2011  
I agree with Sue Wilde.
October 19th, 2011  
The beginnings of sake. :=)
October 19th, 2011  
It sure looks like long-grained rice in a shot glass, but that's too easy so it's gotta be something else;-)
October 20th, 2011  
October 20th, 2011  
Too many to count...are you making a rice dish????
October 20th, 2011  
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