time keeps on slipping into the future... by northy

time keeps on slipping into the future...

technically the song is "fly like an eagle", but those are not eagles, and the line that inspired this was the "time keeps on slipping" bit...

i'm reposting to implement a suggestion from @salza - still not sure this has quite the right feel, but any additional fiddling seems to be sending it further downhill, so here i shall stop for now... happy for any and all feedback...

for the composite challenge - this go around the theme is "birds"... this is a combo of three images - all mine... the background, the birds and the hourglass... i also attempted to add some fog in photoshop for "atmosphere"...
@salza - what you were suggesting made sense - thank you! still not sure that it's quite where it needs to be, but i do agree that the harsh horizon in the original edit was a distraction...
December 22nd, 2018  
Terrific image
December 22nd, 2018  
It's still stuck in my head...but the horizon is better :)
December 22nd, 2018  
@northy I really like how you have softened the horizon, gives it so much more atmosphere.
December 22nd, 2018  
It is faster and faster as you get older.
December 22nd, 2018  
I really like this composition.
December 22nd, 2018  
Well done. I like it.
December 22nd, 2018  
nice light and composition
December 23rd, 2018  
This composite absolutely illustrates that song! Before I read your commentary I was already thinking- it's like time is slipping away with the birds. Great work- as usual!
December 24th, 2018  
I think the title complements it as well. Clever idea.
January 21st, 2019  
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