conspiracy theory by northy

conspiracy theory

so first of all, this is only about the squillionth time i've done this shot... second, this is prolly not as "out of focus" as it should be for the challenge... but... "oh well"... third, hmmm... there was a "third" but i seem to have forgotten it... carry on!
A very cool shot of these co-conspirators
January 28th, 2021  
these chess shots are inspiring. care to share some of your technique?
January 28th, 2021  
@bmaddock thanks Bob! i'm not sure there's anything that might be considered "technique" here... it's mostly just faffing (an awesome Project365 word) about with light and camera settings... i have the camera on the floor in live view mode and manual settings... and then i use a small powerful light source and play around with positioning and exposure until i get something i like... if it's of interest, i did the collage in the link below back in 2019... all four images were with the same camera settings and processing - only difference was the placement of light...
January 29th, 2021  
Squillionth. I do learn the coolest words on this site! Faffing is another. And another excellent image, great title!
January 31st, 2021  
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