whisper to a scream by northy
Hi partner. I like the pattern you are creating with your month. I don’t know if this can fit but your challenge is to try a Pep Ventosa multiple exposure. It could be architecture or nature or whatever works for you. If this doesn’t work for you let me know and I’ll set another challenge.
March 13th, 2023  
@aecasey …. I do love playing w pep ventosa although it never turns out the way it’s supposed to…. Very happy to give it a go this week🙃
March 13th, 2023  
Hi Northy. I'm your GP partner. I just finished the most recent 52 week challenge and the prompt was fire. I see you mostly post b&w photos and wondered if you had done anything with fire. Would that be OK with you?
March 20th, 2023  
Very clever seeing! I have an ongoing series of photographs called 'The Banal', and this would fit perfectly in it if I had taken it!
March 21st, 2023  
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