Abutilon "Kentish Belle" by peadar

Abutilon "Kentish Belle"

I've not had much time or opportunity for photography the past week or so, but on an unexpectedly warm and sunny October day, here is a shot from the garden. We discovered this variety of Abutilon about 18 years ago and it grew successfully around our front door of our house at the time, attracting lots of bees and other insects during the summer months. When we were refurbishing our garden this year, we created a special spot for this new "Kentish Belle" and it has flourished! It is also commonly known as Chinese Lantern or Flowering Maple. Apparently it was a favourite of the Victorians!
Lovely warm image and flower!
October 9th, 2021  
Most enjoyable image
October 9th, 2021  
A lovely shot, lots of beautiful rich colour!

October 9th, 2021  
Lovely captured.
October 9th, 2021  
Very nice shot!
October 9th, 2021  
Great pov and dof.
October 9th, 2021  
October 9th, 2021  
Beautiful in the sunshine.
October 9th, 2021  
What an interesting flower.
October 9th, 2021  
Great !
October 9th, 2021  
Really pretty with that red and yellow combination.
October 10th, 2021  
I love the gorgeous detailed oranges at the frond and then the orange in the background. :)
October 10th, 2021  
Wonderful colors and details. And super bokeh! I love it Fav
October 11th, 2021  
I love these flowers too! They are strong but fragile, papery lke at the same time. Nice colors .
October 17th, 2021  
October 19th, 2021  
Hi Peter! Missing you. Hope you are okay. Sending love to you and yours.
November 30th, 2021  
@casablanca Hi there, thanks for the message, we're all fine thanks, hope you are, too. I hope to get back to 365 soon... God bless...
December 6th, 2021  
@peadar Happy new year, mister! Onwards and upwards, eh?
January 1st, 2022  
@casablanca And to you, many thanks. We've been dog-sitting for my daughter for the past two weeks so our world has been a little weird (we don't have pets ourselves). I am still hoping to get back to 365 at some stage. All the best for now.
January 5th, 2022  
@peadar Checking in on you, mister! Hope you and yours doing okay.
March 29th, 2022  
@casablanca Hello there, and thank you, all well. I've started a new work contract, but in London this time, so with the daily commuting I find I have little time or opportunity for photography. We're all doing well thank you, no Covid or anything else, and daughter about to have her first child 😀. Hope all well with you and the family.
March 31st, 2022  
Hope you are well (and still making delicious meals ;) ), and the grandchild must be almost a year now!
February 13th, 2023  
@lmsa Hi Louise, thanks for the message. I'm very well, thanks, and granddaughter Persephone is 10 months and 4 days and an absolute delight. I keep thinking about starting another 365 but can't quite get in the mood! Hope all is well with you and best of luck for 2023.
February 14th, 2023  
@peadar Just sending love your way to you and yours. All the best for 2024.
January 1st, 2024  
@casablanca Thank you so much, hope you have a great year in 2024.
January 10th, 2024  
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