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I promise, it's not going to be a single issue this project about the coronavirus, but between the week-long duty at the pharmacy, the lockdown at home, and the increased concern about the coronavirus... everything gets complicated. In the pharmacy we try to take some precautions, to keep the distance a "cordon" of security that reminds people the meter of distance to keep. Doctors, nurses, orderlies, assistants... all do an exceptional job in the medical centres, but I don't want to forget all the pharmacists, like the one who writes and poses for the photo, who spend hours in the pharmacy as a first "office" where we help patients with their problems. In my life I haven't sold as many paracetamol as these days, I hope and desire that they all expire in the medicine cabinet and nobody needs them for anything. Let us all help with the obligatory measures, and this will happen sooner than we think. A round of applause for all of you who are doing your best to help each one of you with your own: stockists, cashiers, drivers, housewives, children, students... each one with his or her own little grain of happiness, optimism, or hard work.
Lo prometo, no va a ser monotema este blog sobre el coronavirus, pero entre la guardia que dura una semana en la farmacia, el encierro en casa, y el incremento en la preocupación por el coronavirus… todo se complica. En la farmacia intentamos tomar algunas precauciones, para mantener la distancia un “cordón” de seguridad que recuerda a la gente el metro de distancia que hay que guardar. Médicos, enfermeros, celadores, auxiliares… todos hacen un trabajo excepcional en los centros médicos, pero no quiero olvidar a todos los farmacéuticos, como el que escribe y auto-posa para la foto, que echa horas en la farmacia como un primer “consultorio” donde ayudamos a pacientes con sus problemas. En mi vida he vendido tantos paracetamoles como estos días, espero y deseo que todos caduquen en el botiquín y nadie necesite de ellos para nada. Ayudemos todos con las medidas de obligado complimiento, y esto pasará antes de lo que pensamos. Un aplauso por todos vosotros que hacéis lo posible por ayudar cada uno con lo suyo: reponedores, cajeros, conductores, amas de casa, niños, estudiantes… cada uno con su granito ya sea de felicidad, optimismo, o trabajo duro.
Thanks for this photojournalist piece - Photography is a way of feeling, of touching and of loving even in the days of social distancing ...
March 17th, 2020  
This has such a documentary photography feel and the prose to match. Thank you and stay safe all. A fav for documenting the times we are in so well.
March 17th, 2020  
A lovely narrative that captures the feeling of today's world so well.
March 18th, 2020  
@pdulis it's a different way of getting to know how things are going out there. Thanks for your kindly words!
@kuva Thank you! I'm trying to keep safe, but it's difficult while working with sick people.
@taffy thanks for your words!!!
March 19th, 2020  
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