Semi-Wild by phmlq


A couple of days with no connection and I'm in debt again. And it feels like I'm never going to fill out all the gaps I have.

Meanwhile I just fell in love with these young moose living in Zuratkul national park. They aren't afraid of people, unbelievably endearing and semi-wild.

And they are all orphans. Well, maybe some their mothers are still alive, but they lost each other. So, the little ones came to people to get some help, cause they couldn't survive on their own.

It's a common story here at Zuratkul. So, they set up a shelter for orphans. These children are free to walk around and explore the world on their own, but they always know where to find protection and food they need. Some of them are leaving this place for ever as they grow up, others prefer to come and visit – it's totally up to them.

And it's not like they are around every time. We were actually pretty lucky to see them, especially considering that there's still a plenty of fresh food around
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October 6th, 2019  
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