18 month breakiversary  by plainjaneandnononsense

18 month breakiversary

It's hard to believe it's 18 months since I broke my wrist.

I spend a few hours a day splint free to encourage movement but clearly the splint is helping my wrist to straighten. It's been a long year and a half with a long way to go but progress is progress however slow.
I fell over at work and broke my wrist in June 2018 requiring surgery. and I had more surgery in July 2019 and more in 2021 and although mine is straight its still not right
March 5th, 2023  
Glad it's going to plan seemingly, if slowly.
March 5th, 2023  
I'd put in "first aid" as a tag, and clicked to see what others there were ... came across yours from 2015 - then looked at your newest post. Rather more than 'first aid' here. Glad you are seeing progress - however slow.
March 9th, 2023  
@kjarn sorry for the delay in responding (head space sorted - ish now). So sorry to read this. I hope you're not in too much pain, I'm blessed to be pain free with mine. I also hope it's not too restrictive for everyday tasks I feel this is my area of suffering but definitely prefer it to constant pain !
April 2nd, 2023  
@boxplayer so sorry I've been off grid so to speak... Given my head a wobble and I'm back! Thank you, it's sometimes hard to focus on the progress as it gets lost in the depths of the timescale!
April 2nd, 2023  
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