Light the new from the old by randystreat

Light the new from the old

Get Pushed Challenge #595
My partner gave the challenge of using a flash. I only have the flash that is in my camera. I did a little research and attempted to diffuse the flash to get this photo.
@kali66 Thank you for the challenge. This is the best I could come up with.
December 29th, 2023  
Lovely capture
December 29th, 2023  
nice work Kathy
December 29th, 2023  
@craftymeg Thank you Meg.
@kali66 Thank you Kali.
December 29th, 2023  
Well done.
December 29th, 2023  
A beautiful shot of lighten a candle. Very usefull this day`s.
December 29th, 2023  
I love the comp and the beautiful blue color.
December 29th, 2023  
Good job Kathy- once again you rise to the occasion and produce a great shot!
December 30th, 2023  
You did a magnificent job! I would not have guessed that you used the flash at all.
December 30th, 2023  
Excellent lighting . Well done!
December 30th, 2023  
shades of blue -- lovely
December 30th, 2023  
Very nice shot
December 30th, 2023  
that is really nice...not sure what the flash did or how you used it here, but it worked!
December 30th, 2023  
This is absolutely gorgeous, Kathy!!
Yes - I am back and back with the gp challenge.
So - your challenge is symmetry - so many options with it!
Have fun!!
December 31st, 2023  
@haskar Thank you Hannah.
@pyrrhula Thank you Ferry. I don't light candles like I used to. I'm afraid I'll go off and forget them and burn the house down.
@shutterbug49 Thank you Debbie. I used the incandescent white balance and bluish white lights in the background.
@olivetreeann Thank you Ann. You are so kind.
@mcsiegle Thank you Mary. It was dark when I took the photo and the background and base were black. The lights in the background provided some light and the diffused flash provided enough to see the candle from the front side without too much harshness.
@amyk Thanks so much Amy.
@tunia Thank you Tunia. I like blue and the incandescent white balance and bluish white lights in the background did the trick.
@bkbinthecity Thank you very much Brain.
@granagringa Thank you. The area is dark, background and underneath the candle was black. The flash gave enough light so that the candle could be seen and the paper diffused the light from the flash enough that it wasn't harsh.
@farmreporter Thank you Wendy. Yikes! GP challenge already so soon! Thank you for your challenge. I'll get you one by tomorrow.
December 31st, 2023  
A lovely image.
December 31st, 2023  
@dkbarnett Thank you Delwyn.
January 1st, 2024  
I don't know how I missed this wonderful shot! Love the bokeh
January 8th, 2024  
@kjarn Thank you Kathy. For some reason, every now and then I overlook photos too.
January 9th, 2024  
Kathy I am not sure how i missed this on the first go around but it is stunning and I am so happy to see it winning the challenge Congratulations
January 12th, 2024  
@grammyn Thank you Katy.
January 12th, 2024  
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