Hot Diggity Dog! by redy4et

Hot Diggity Dog!

On our way back from Lake Tahoe last week, we had to slow down to 40 mph going through the tiny town of Lone Pine when we spied this amazing sight. Did a quick u-turn to pull into a parking lot for a close view of the famous Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. Those hotdogs were a staple in my childhood. Today I was skimming Sunset Magazine and there on page 30 was a photo of the Wienermobile! The article said the company has 6 of these 27-foot- long hot dog vehicles in the U.S. They hire college students to drive them 500 miles a week, stopping at county fairs, and charity events. What they were doing in Lone Pine, out in the middle of nowhere, is a total mystery but a lucky find for us.
The theme song went something like "Wish I were an Oscar Meyer Wiener. That i what I truly wish to be. Cause if I were an Oscar Meyer wiener, everyone would be in love with me." Seeing this was a highlight of the road trip!
Wow...what a awesome car. Great shot.
June 2nd, 2017  
A carbus? COOL fit all the family, no problem!!
June 2nd, 2017  
Oh it did make me laugh - beats a personalised number plate for a statement!
June 2nd, 2017  
I remember seeing the famous weinermobile as a youth in New York in the 1960's. Always a thrill to see one up close. I'm a vegan now, but still remember the joy of seeing these unique vehicles in person.
June 2nd, 2017  
Cool picture.
June 2nd, 2017  
An interesting find indeed! What a clever promotion!
June 2nd, 2017  
Great find and wonderful shot...Fav
June 2nd, 2017  
How FUN! :)
June 2nd, 2017  
Ha ha, what a fun shot.
June 2nd, 2017  
Oh gosh, such fun! I remember these from when I was a kid! Great capture.
June 3rd, 2017  
i remember seeing a car like this on Vancouver Island 11 years ago.
it is fun to find, eh.
now you need to look out for the Land's End boot vehicle.
June 8th, 2017  
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