Clipped by salza


I have run this through an editing wringer. It is a hairclip that is now looking rather sorry for itself.
Work is rather hectic at the moment and no end in sight. I am falling way behind, at some point I am hoping to catch up with everyone. For the time being I am looking at your pictures as often as possible and commentating sporadically.
A very interesting hair clip - I can see it in my granddaughter's hair!
October 19th, 2019  
Not sure how this hair clip began, but it looks for all the world like a lawn ornament of substantial size! How fun is that?!!
October 20th, 2019 for falling "way behind", I long ago stopped apologizing as I think we all fully understand! It's just a joy to run into one another as we can! For me, it's been a month since I've had time to sit at the computer, look at photos and "visit"!
October 20th, 2019  
@Weezilou it is actually quite small - the clip itself is about an inch long. It has so much sentimental value to me. My sister-in-law wore four or five of these clips in her hair on her wedding day, she gave me two of the clips - one for each one of us so that we could always be together - she said. Sadly she passed away 9 years ago.
October 20th, 2019  
@salza I realized that in actuality it would be small, but it has so much detail! Such a sad story to read about a life, too short, but because you look at this, share it with us, and think of her, she's not far...
October 20th, 2019  
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