A birthday picture  by sarah19

A birthday picture

Today has been REALLY busy and I have not been out and about to take a photo. So posting this sweet photo of Allan with his cuddly toy Neddy when he was three.
We used it on the table place cards at the recent Birthday Lunch. He's not sure what happened to Neddy.....thinks his Mum chucked him out! 😔

I have had a major chucking out day today!!! Ruthlessly getting rid of more work related items.....but I know I have kept what I need/may use again.
Also a lot of tidying....
Three good things
1. All my lovely scarves are folded in two baskets in a drawer.
2. Our heating expert came to check out what was causing the leak in our front hall ceiling. It's quite a simple issue!!
3. Early to bed....I could get used to this 😊
What a delightful smile and doesn't he love his Neddy?
February 12th, 2024  
That is utterly adorable ❤️
Yes, chucking out is hard but ultimately good and rather cathartic.
February 12th, 2024  
Aaw ! adorable !
February 12th, 2024  
This is gorgeous. And you'll see it too .... Evie is just Allan's double at that age!
February 13th, 2024  
@busylady @casablanca @beryl @jamibann
Thank you for your lovely comments and yes @jamibann I saw that family resemblance so clearly in this photo too! ❤️
February 13th, 2024  
I saw Evie straight away!
February 13th, 2024  
Such a sweet photograph.
February 14th, 2024  
@kjarn @illinilass
Thank you for your lovely comments 😊
February 14th, 2024  
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