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2022 - thank you for visiting my albums and commenting on my photos. i shall return the favour by browsing and commenting on your album/s; however, due to time constraints and other activities i'm involved in, i might be a tad slower getting to your albums. but i will get there.

for a good several months i stayed away from joining challenges as working at home during the pandemic proved to be a much busier situation than actually working in the office. i do put in an entry when a challenge is lacking participants, if only to help promote it, or when requested to put in an entry. i would encourage you to join any or all of the challenges on offer, it's the best way to learn the craft and get to meet the many good people in this community.

i am the wednesday person over at five plus two, @fiveplustwo a group of self-portraitists. self portraits are a good way to learn about lighting to effectively convey the photograph's message, as well as get the mind working creatively and artistically; we have weekly themes which we urge you to join in.

i've been fortunate to have some of my photos featured on the popular page, i owe some huge thanks to you, my 365 friends. here are the ones featured after April, 2013.
some of my photos that made the popular page before april 2013 are here: https://365project.org/tags/summerfield-pp
and these were featured in the trending page:

i have other photos prior to this date that also got featured and i've marked them as such at the end of my commentary for each photo.

for a list of my get pushed challenges, they are here: http://365project.org/summerfield/priv/2017-01-06

january 1, 2013 - still addicted to 365 which means i will continue on for another year. goals: improve on what i've learned during the last 2 years and embark on learning new things with my camera. also, the dreaded 100 strangers project. and of course what remains of the unchecked items in last year's bucket list.

highlighted item on my list is to re-learn how to shoot with film. scary but that minolta XG-1 still looks like new even after more than 30 years. gotta use it. or learn how to use it.

so far, all that i've learned in photography, i've learned from 365.


2011 - 365 photographs ago, all i knew was to aim my camera and shoot. 365 project made me pay attention to details, set up, composition and perspective. and yet there is still a lot to learn about these things. i enjoyed the ride so much i am staying for another 365 days, and probably more.

but the most valuable reward i got since being on this site is the people i have 'met' and who have become my friends, from whom i have learned a lot during the year and know will learn from still. you have commented on my posts regularly, giving me encouragement, and those mean a lot to me. i cannot thank you enough. your photos sparked ideas for my own photos and sometimes served as inspiration for my short stories (aha! you say). your photos also made me understand better and appreciate the beauty of my neighbourhood, my city, even the old country. through your photos, i have learned to look at everything in a different way and seeing its potential for post of the day. i should like to meet some, if not all, of you in the near future and see the places where you take your photos.

i like it here.


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