Little and Large by susiemc

Little and Large

The amaryllis on the right is the one I posted two days ago, since then the other one has opened out. The tall one is last year's. This is the first time I've ever got one to flower a second time. It's even sending up a second flower bud. The small one was a gift at Christmas. It's a bit strange that one has grown taller than amaryllis usually grow and the short one is much shorter than I've ever seen one before.
Lovely - there is hope for mine yet !!
January 18th, 2020  
Good for you & it is a beauty...
January 19th, 2020  
they've done very well. My dad used to grow them in his garden in Sydney. When he died I dug some up and gave them to a friend. The grow extremely well in their climate and multiply. Sadly I couldnt bring any to Adelaide for my garden as we are not allowed to bring plants or fruit across State borders.
January 20th, 2020  
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