Keep ticking  by swillinbillyflynn

Keep ticking

The ticking clock,
It ticks, it tocks.
Ticks every box
But a ticking clock
Is just a box

The hour glass
Lets each grain pass
Until you stand
knee deep in sand
It’s quicksand and
you’re sinking

And you are like
That ticking clock
You tick, you tock
Think outside the box
That’s what makes you tick

When your spring
Was tightly wound
You talked the torque
And walked the walk
Unending, uncaring

But now that spring
Has given in
There's no retreat
Can’t keep the beat
For your own swansong

And now your ticks
Have Ceased to tock
You’re an empty box
And your clock has stopped
Are you the author/ composer? Fab fav for words and gorgeous photo
February 23rd, 2024  
February 23rd, 2024  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Yes, 'tis penned by my own fair hand. Possible lyrics for the new Changelings album. :)
February 23rd, 2024  
I love this, what a great composer and fabulous close up.
February 23rd, 2024  
Great job with both the image and the possible lyrics.
February 23rd, 2024  
Great composition and prose...
February 23rd, 2024  
Stunning close-up and lyrics.
February 23rd, 2024  
A very handsome time piece.
February 23rd, 2024  
Fantastic shot!
February 24th, 2024  
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