Public Enemy no. 1 by swillinbillyflynn

Public Enemy no. 1

Oi you........... get off my marigolds, sunflowers, chilis, and all the other plants you keep devouring in a seriously ravenous manner.

I feel slightly uneasy to learn, that we share 70% of our DNA with slugs and snails.

And yes I looked that up on google..... and was shocked to find other close relatives on the evolutionary family tree. Did you know we share this much DNA with other life forms.
Other humans 99.9%
Chimps 98%
Pigs 98%
Cats 90% ( that explains a lot @cutekitty )
Mice 85%
Dogs 84%
Rats 69%
Chickens 68%
Bananas 60%
Trees 50%
Cabbage 45% (I know a few people that fits with)
Honey bees 44%
Daffodils 25%

I also found it interesting to learn that us humans have acquired small amounts of our DNA from various viruses that have attacked us in the distant past. 😲 wonder we have a housefull of cats........(I'll pass on the Rats tho' )
May 28th, 2024  
Admirable portrait of the slug! And thanks for the interesting information. Not sure how much brain storage I will devote to it, but fascinating stuff!
May 28th, 2024  
Great capture of this garden pest Fav 😊
May 28th, 2024  
70%? Oh my......super snail portrait. Somehow I can't kill a snail but have no qualms at all about slugs! That list is utterly brilliant.
May 28th, 2024  
Really…..not many people will know that! I like snails!
May 28th, 2024  
yet the world needs them
May 28th, 2024  
Love the capture. Sad about the cracked shell though
May 29th, 2024  
@frodob It seemed to have bonded back together in that position, so I think he will survive the trauma. 🐌
May 29th, 2024  
@swillinbillyflynn he must be a Rockstar! Ratt & Motley Crew can’t compete
May 29th, 2024  
Great shot and interesting stats.
May 29th, 2024  
You see how little we differ! Lovely shot.
May 29th, 2024  
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