Watchadoin Poppo - 2024 by terryliv

Watchadoin Poppo - 2024

Just dropping in for my first posting for 2024 and to continue my series on the passing of the years as evidenced by the growing up of grand daughter Maggie.

I didn't get to do this shot last year. For some strange reason, we rarely have the girls at our place since they have moved up to the Sunshine Coast. Maybe it has something to do with their living at the coast with the beach and the surf and the . . . . . . .

See to start your journey back over the past 10 years.

My ongoing thanks to Denise @lyndemc for suggesting this series all those years ago.
Hope you get to see this Denise @lyndemc
January 4th, 2024  
Lovely capture of the grand daughter.
January 4th, 2024  
Good to see you Poppo. Hasn't she grown, quite a young lady now
January 4th, 2024  
@onewing Hi Babs. I clicked on lyndemc and discovered that she has deleted her 365 account.
January 4th, 2024  
oh wow I've missed you!
January 4th, 2024  
What a fabulous idea! I've just looked back on your photos of Maggie over the years. Splendid! We miss Denise on 365 @lyndemc, don't we?! She is such a wonderful photographer.
January 4th, 2024  
Great idea I remember seeing your others Terry long may they continue, btw beautifully captured as always, Maggie is grownup fast:)
January 4th, 2024  
Such a cute girl.
January 4th, 2024  
It' great to see you popping in Terry. Maggie is becoming quite the young lady.
January 4th, 2024  
Great to see that adorable girl growing up.
January 4th, 2024  
Such a beautiful smiling young girl Maggie is! Actually she always has that happy smile over the years :) Where have they moved to? Hope you post some more photos over the year - I'm attempting to do one a week!!! fav
January 7th, 2024  
What a darling gal you've got here, Poppo. Such a cutie, and apparently happy to pose for yet another photo for this collection. I'm lovin' it that you continue with the series.

About my account here, I did not delete it; apparently inactivity gets it deleted by the powers-that-be. There's still not a day that goes by that I don't think about this site and the fabulous people here. I continue to take pictures on an almost-daily basis and share them with my mom. My excuse for not posting here is that I've long since run out of interest subjects to shoot and don't want to bore anyone else. (Mom's are obligated to admire their childrens' artist efforts. :)

Take care, and thanks so much for yet another great picture of your granddaughter.
January 18th, 2024  
@lyndemc Hi Denise, Great that you got to see this posting and in case you didn't realise it, it is 10 years since the first one in this series. Like you, I also ran out of ideas for photos and rarely pick up the camera these days so you are much better than me.

As I said in the narrative, we don't get the kids to our place much since they moved to the coast. The whole family is now heavily involved in the Mooloolaba Surf Life Saving Club and Maggie and Vivie are right into their nipper program (see ) while mum and dad do regular patrols as well as help run the Nipper program so every weekend is taken up. Maggie has developed into a very good (surf) swimmer and paddler despite her relatively small stature. One day I'll get a decent shot of her in action and post it here

Keep your eye open for it.

I did post a series of photos a couple of years ago when they first joined starting at
January 20th, 2024  
How absolutely wonderful that you continued to take the photos in the same location so we really DID watch her grow! What a darling young lady she has become! (On the subject of "running out of ideas", I pulled out a bin of photos from a 1997 trip to Australia and have posted a couple weeks of those. The conversations-through-comments has been spectacular! Drop by!)
January 28th, 2024  
A lovely young lady
February 6th, 2024  
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