Foxykins morning by boxplayer

Foxykins morning

When we came back yesterday both Limpy and Foxykins were around. A bright morning and Foxykins was hanging out. So pleasant I had breakfast outside before working from home. Worked late to try and clear all the emails.

Absolutely nothing in the fridge so did a massive online order.

3 good things
1. Foxykins is looking glossy and healthy.
2. Lunchtime cycle around the north wetlands and back to Blackhorse Road in pursuit of gentle exercise and lunch seeing as the fridge was empty. Tried out the Willow Tree Arts Café in the new development opposite the station - a rather delicious breakfast platter.
3. Getting approval for new staff is moving ahead at pace and I got to meet my new starter after my time off.

Wild corridor
Breakfast plate

28 June 2022
Walthamstow E17
Ah I’m very jealous. Great capture
June 28th, 2022  
Foxykins appears to be posing! How wonderful.
June 29th, 2022  
I'd love a fox kin!
June 29th, 2022  
Wow! Great capture!
June 29th, 2022  
I am amazed you have this visitor in your yard.
June 29th, 2022  
They certainly like your garden
June 29th, 2022  
I love the look of your garden
June 29th, 2022  
Oh how lovely! and I really like your garden :-)
June 29th, 2022  
What a great visitor to have.
June 29th, 2022  
Bright eyed and bushy tailed :)
June 29th, 2022  
And you have a lovely garden
June 29th, 2022  
Foxykins looks so good! So wonderful.
June 29th, 2022  
A great visitor!
June 29th, 2022  
awww so cute
June 29th, 2022  
I do so love your fox in the garden pics and I love your garden. Like ours its quite small but love what you've done with it.
June 30th, 2022  
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