Did somebody say tea time? by judithg

Did somebody say tea time?

I went over to Welney Wetland Centre in The Fens today, which in the natural order of things would be completely under water. The area is full of manmade features like Hundred Foot Bank and Sixteen Foot Drain which keep the water at bay but at Welney there are flooded fields which form the winter home of about 9000 swans and ducks from the Arctic. I came away from the hides with some serious lens envy - my camera was looking very small! The water is half frozen at the moment and this group of Whoopers suddenly decided there was something important happening on the other side of the ice.
A lovely shot - it does look cold though! We went to watch the swan feed a few years ago - this reminds me I must go again soon...not sure I'll be able to persuade the kids to go again - it was so cold last time they weren't very impressed!
January 3rd, 2011  
I didn't stay for feeding time as I'd left man & dog doing a very bleak walk! I tried to get Adam to go before Christmas for some swans in snow shots but he clearly thought I was insane - fair to say there wasn't much 'youth' there apart from a couple of boys earnestly looking for widgeon. I spent most of the time in the centrally heated hide - warm but you can't hear the noise of the swans which is a shame - the sun came out briefly to brighten up some shots but I'm in search of colour tomorrow.
January 3rd, 2011  
Hi Judith - I cant believe it we, were there yesterday as well (arrived about 3pm). I got a few good shots but none as good as this.
January 4th, 2011  
@sarahbolt Helloooo!!!! So glad you've joined up - I don't want to be Billy no mates! That's weird as it's 10 years since I last went to Welney but I did see somebody else I know as well. I left at 3.05 (exactly- as I was late meeting Nigel at 3pm!! ) If I'd done proper research I would have realised that feeding was at 3.30 but the light was on it's way out - I took this when the sun was out at about 2pm. Next Autumn we should go when the swans are flying in...... Lookinf forwar to seeing your pics!
January 4th, 2011  
Not sure I'll be posting daily but will upload my best swan picture for you to compare. We've planned to go to Welney for years but there has always been snow, flooded roads or bird flu that has stopped us.
January 4th, 2011  
If you haven't seen the evening feeding time I urge you to do so. I have been twice and each time was magic. First time it took my breath away to see so many "angels" in front of me.
January 6th, 2011  
@mole Thanks for the tip - I did enjoy watching all the gossiping and squabbling - I'll stay longer next time.
January 7th, 2011  
haha! this is great! welcome to 365 Judith
January 10th, 2011  
Brilliant pic!
March 11th, 2011  
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