aerial photography Lombrum Naval Base by lbmcshutter

aerial photography Lombrum Naval Base

I was asked to do some aerial shots so jumped at the chance, we were hoisted up by a crane/cherry picker. It was wonderful fun and not at all scary. I just love the colour of the sea in the background, sometimes I forgot how beautiful it was there.
what a cool experience! beautiful image
September 21st, 2013  
That must have been fun, and you certainly got a unique point of view.
September 21st, 2013  
Lovely colours and PoV
September 21st, 2013  
very beautiful !
September 27th, 2013  
Wow, so cool to see you are still 365'ing, Megan! I am pondering a comeback myself. I've missed your travelogues, always so interesting and a vicarious way to "get away" myself. Where is Lombrum Naval Base?
October 3rd, 2013  
@lotus1922 hi, I don't post nearly as often as I should on 365 lately, but yes I am still around, and it is lovely to hear from you! Lombrum is in Papua New Guinea, but I finished up there last month and am on a holiday in England at the moment
October 4th, 2013  
Ahh the olde Nissin Huts.
October 14th, 2013  
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