Avebury Manor "To the Manor Reborn" by lbmcshutter

Avebury Manor "To the Manor Reborn"

As well as the series of standing stone circles in Avebury this is Avebury Manor which was decorated with rooms in various period styles covering the age of the house for a BBC series hosted by Penelope Keith. In many rooms you are encouraged to sit, lay on the bed, read the books and so on. The only thing they ask is that you don't touch the hand-painted wallpaper in the dining room.
Loved this place! I got into the bed with a silly bed cap on! :)
You're in the UK?! Brilliant! Let me know if your travels bring you over towards the east, it would be great to meet for a cuppa or lunch or something.... :)
October 17th, 2013  
@filsie65 I definitely will let you know - it would be wonderful to catch up in person. Just over 50 miles from here to Avebury and it was pretty tiring for me. Bit by bit I will build up the distances. I am liking the idea of going to Mont St Michel in France - a trip over a couple of days and a big ferry ride. So visiting your way at some point is not impossible
October 17th, 2013  
@lbmcshutter the Mont St Michel is definitely worth a trip, I thought it was beautiful. I've never been to St Michael's Mount in Cornwall but I hear it's similar (and will probably take as long to reach!) It's a long way from Bristol to the east but for a lady who thinks nothing of hopping to Berlin (!) I guess you might make it this way some time! :) Are you working while you're over here?
October 18th, 2013  
Lovely capture of it! I've been to the stone circle several times, but never the manor. The room decorations look beautiful.
October 18th, 2013  
Hi Megan! Hope it's all going ok. I have made contact with an old friend from years ago, so naturally got thinking of you :) Hope our winter isn't too cold and gloomy for you already! x
December 4th, 2013  
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