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only dog

v. unpleasant day - no more snow, but a bitter east wind is picking up what there is and would close the roads if the snowploughs weren't working non-stop
That man needs a hat. Snow arrived here about midday and is still snowing now late evening but as in your area it's the strong east wind that's the killer haven't felt so cold in years.
March 1st, 2018  
Oh, tell me about it. I went into York to take pictures while the car was being serviced. I only managed the shot of St Martin's church, and lost the will to live. York was almost empty, which takes some doing even in February.
March 1st, 2018  
@chrisiow winds drop by half tomorrow - but we're freezing for another week! No snow tho'!
March 1st, 2018  
@korky I knew people had been out because the local shop's shelves were empty - but if they were like me they scuttled and scurried and got back inside poste haste!
March 1st, 2018  
Sounds's making the news over here. With the inclusion of the tree, it looks like you're stalking the guy 😊
March 1st, 2018  
@narayani never averse to a bit of stalking ;-) I'm glad other people know how much we're suffering - though unusually, Cumbria is not worst off!
March 2nd, 2018  
Good guy for getting his dog out for a walk in that kind of weather.
March 3rd, 2018  
@bf2016 he looks the hardy type!
March 4th, 2018  
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