How to build a spaceship, part one. by batfish

How to build a spaceship, part one.

Step 1: Design - Spaceships are full of big bulkhead doors, which will define the size and shape of your corridor. will give you free software that is quite good for drawing stuff like that.

Step 2: Prototype - Hope you like hot glue and cutting up Amazon boxes. Your prototype will tell you if you made it the right size and if you can light it.

Step 3: Subassemblies - Print out those door designs you made in step one and glue them to foam core and/or 2mm EVA foam. Cut them up, stack them up, glue them up.

Step 4: Construction - You made a closed door for one end, an open door for the other, now you need some walls a floor, and a ceiling. Foam core is your friend. Hot glue was fine for the prototype, but white glue will give your more working time for your real model.
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September 11th, 2021  
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September 22nd, 2021  
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