Love wildlife.  by bizziebeeme

Love wildlife.

So annoyed at this lady who every day walks down to the nest and throws three handfuls of bread directly on the nest and so it lands all over the swan too. Not good. And when I said mentioned to her that it’s not a good idea she just replied "well that’s your opinion." But this is exactly what happened within a few minutes of her throwing it. Didn’t really enjoy taking these shots but it shows what went on. Grumble over.
Home invasion it looks like... people who feed bread to water fowl have no clue that it is bad for them. I see a piece of the bread on top of the swan... just too bad some people are so ignorant.
April 9th, 2021  
beautiful montage laura
April 9th, 2021  
Oh no, I think I would have given her a smack, ha ha.

I suppose the swan can defend herself, but doesn't the woman who threw the bread realize that you shouldn't give bread to birds either as it is not good for them
April 10th, 2021  
i do have read that bread should not be given to the duck variety. And I remember my sister-in law who knew everything said, when I mentioned that if she told everyone they were pronouncing a word wrongly or had the wrong word, they might feel slighted! She replied, 'thats their problem"
April 10th, 2021  
Must be a fav with a Magpie in view.
April 10th, 2021  
Great captures.Not a good idea to feed them bread.It's not good for them
April 10th, 2021  
Great collage
April 11th, 2021  
@onewing me too Babs
Thoughtless and ignorant
I like that in many places I see signs explaining why not to feed the birds
May 15th, 2021  
Oh, I hate that 'That's your opinion' attitude. No, it's not, lady, it's the facts. People just don't care what harm they're causing because they can't cope with being wrong.
Photography at its cathartic best - and a well-composed triptych.
October 24th, 2021  
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