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Lucy summing up how I feel, having tested positive for covid. Every bone ached and nasty migraine, so did 2 lateral flow tests and both positive.

I've been so careful, no meals out, days out anywhere, in rooms with anyone but my family or unnecessary shopping trips. Prob been out to a shop under 30 times since this pandemic and I worked it out to when I had to go to the post office last week is when I would've been exposed. I daresay had the others in the shop been wearing a mask like I always do, I may have got away with not catching it.

So have holed myself into the lounge, wearing a mask/windows open to try and stop Eddie getting it and Eddie is working/watching TV/eating in the bedroom. His dad is already very upset visits won't happen for the next 10 days at least - but he's started to find everything gets to him at his age (92) and the logic of us not risking infecting him isn't really sinking in.

She's so pretty, but I'm so sorry for you. Hopefully it won't get worse.
November 24th, 2021  
Beauty! Oh no, I trust you're feeling better now. Quite scary how one can catch it so easily with minimal contact.
December 18th, 2021  
@boxplayer I must say I felt a bit unlucky considering, as my friend in Italy put it, that I only see cats and dead people. Referring of course to walking the cat at the churchyard behind our house :-)

And yes, thanks, all ok pretty much, but taste and smell very muted. Can barely smell anything but I can at least taste chocolate.. yay!
December 18th, 2021  
December 18th, 2021  
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