Dustbinmen by blightygal


Lucy's not good with dustbinmen, and although today was just a truck in the distance collecting garden waste from elsewhere, she did her thing of running back indoors and listening from the stairs, before she then hides under the bed!

You'd think, after 5 years of nothing ever happening to her she'd learn to relax but apparently cats are not made that way, they keep hold of negativity. Certainly seems true with our neurotic miss!
Haha I think I must be a cat, I don't learn either, though I can cope with dustbin men! Cute portrait!
May 29th, 2024  
Yes even with 95% of the cases of being put in a carrier end up at country house, they still think it's vet, every time.
May 29th, 2024  
@boxplayer Lol, made me smile, poor you!
May 29th, 2024  
@katriak Aww, isn't that the truth! They love the country house too :-)

The only thing our cat has learned is the hoover doesn't get her. She used to run out the house every time but now she watches somewhere up high.
May 29th, 2024  
Not only super cute (my cat does much the same!), but the composition, lines and clean graphics really make this a standout image. Nice!
June 1st, 2024  
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