Editing on an Apple Mac

June 1st, 2020
Do you have recommendations for cheap or Free software/ apps to edit photos on an Apple Mac?
Its my first Mac so nothing complicated please.
June 1st, 2020
Photos App comes free with the Mac and is relatively intuitive to use. It's improved significantly in the last years since they merged the capabilities with the old Aperture program.
June 1st, 2020
I use Affinity Photo for Mac, which has all of the functionality of Lightroom and few little gems from PS - it's a one off fee (for it was $75NZD) and from then it just updates as a normal app would - I find it very intuitive and easy to navigate, there's loads of tutorials online as well if you want to "go deeper"
June 1st, 2020
I would second both of those recommendations. Photos has become quite functional for touching up and adjusting types of editing. Affinity Photo is a lot like Photoshop fully functional with masking and layering. There is also an Affinity for iPad.
June 1st, 2020
yeah photos for someone wanting a starting point is great as it will work with jpg and raw and has quite a lot of features these days.
I am a Mac user but a PS lover for many years, I still organise everything in photos :)
June 1st, 2020
There are a lot of good apps available for the Mac and as @Junko Y has said, Photos App is a good one that comes with the Mac.
I have tried many different photo apps over the years (must have spent hundreds of pounds) but my favourite is Exposure X5. This used to be called Alien Skin Exposure but they have recently changed their name. You could go the Photoshop or Lightroom route but I dislike subscription apps (Exposure X5 can also be used as a plugin to both PS & LR).
The best advice I can give, though, is to stick to and play with the inbuilt Photos on your Mac for a while. That will give you a good understanding on how the Mac works and you will not go far wrong. If you want to expand your capabilities after a while try out a few of the other apps available, most of them offer a free trial period (if they don't then I suggest you ignore them), also investigate what others say about the apps especially their experience of the after-sales support that the companies give.
June 1st, 2020
Photoscape X is designed for Macs. That has quite a lot of stuff on it, there is a free version and a ( I think quite reasonable), one off payment to unlock everything.
But as previous comments above, Apple Photos is very good too.
June 1st, 2020
thanks all for the suggestions, I think I will start with the built in editing already in the Mac, see how I go.
I just had a play and ended up with a magnificent photo of an old fire station in colour and the sky around in B and W. slight problem how did I do it? I have no idea.
June 2nd, 2020
@patriciae Well done! That is the way to learn :-)
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