Exporting from Lightroom

November 22nd, 2021
I have been reading a lot about exporting photos from LR and am a bit confused. I export them as a tiff file as I still tweak them in Topaz Studio. I would would be interested to know how and why others export from LR or PS. Thanks.
November 22nd, 2021
I do my basic edits in Lightroom, then if I want to do anything further I open it in photoshop via Lightroom. When the edits are finished, I save them, which creates a copy in Lightroom. I then export as a .jpg from Lightroom
November 23rd, 2021
@yorkshirekiwi Thanks Carole :-)
November 28th, 2021
My workflow is exactly the same as Carole. If I want to do something in Topaz or Nik I access them from PS as plug-ins from the filter menu.
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