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June 20th, 2022
I know that searching an image has always been possible, but to have the icon there, on my picture, intrusive, with no reference to my wishes and no apparent means of disabling it, or avoiding it on other people's pictures, is not what I want.

Edit - of course I can disable it, but what if 'you' do an image search (now it's so easy) and the algorithm says exactly where some of my pictures are taken ie from my house. Is that what I want?

My back catalogue here is far too large to edit individually. So what alternative does that leave me? I can manage the future, but the past is vulnerable.
June 20th, 2022
I may have missed something but I am uncertain what you mean???
June 21st, 2022
I've had a browse through your photos here on 365 and I can't see anything that allows me to search your image or locate where the image was taken. I checked my images, too, to see if it was something that appears to the account holder, but I don't have anything showing. I also had a look at your exif information, and there is no geographical information there either. By just looking at your images, I have no idea where you are located or where the photo was taken, though your bio does say you are probably in the UK.

If I wanted to search for an image here on 365 I would search tags, or, if I knew the photographer, I would search their account name. Those are the only ways I know to search an image on 365. I've never seen a search icon associated with an image.

There is an icon under the photo that allows for the photo to be shared. As for sharing, personally I would never share another person's photo without having their permission. I do share others' photos on 365 discussions if that image has been entered in one of the challenges and is selected as a finalist in the voting on that challenge. That's the only time I use that sharing icon.

I will follow this discussion to see what others say. I am curious about your concerns.

June 21st, 2022
Annie-Sue I don't seem to have that in my thread. Suggest you Email Ross and discuss with him.
June 21st, 2022
I too am not sure what you mean?
June 21st, 2022
@ankers70 @aecasey @30pics4jackiesdiamond @annied
thank you for your replies - especially April who has checked into things. I'm not well, so I may have gone a bit overboard yesterday.

This (I'm doing things in the wrong order so I will have to add the link later) [[added: is the little icon that appeared yesterday. There "may" also have been a set of three dots underneath, leading to a menu. Trouble is I can't reverse what I did yesterday, so had to go in through a different browser to get it to appear.
June 22nd, 2022
@anniesue - That's a Microsoft Edge thing. You can disable it in the browser settings. Copy the following line into your edge browser:
From that screen, you can toggle on or off visual search or disable it for certain websites.

There's now way to prevent others from using this on your photos to see related/similar images. I'd avoid posting photos of landmarks near you that could give away your location.
June 22nd, 2022
I'm glad Annie-Sue posted the icon and Josh Sudweeks responded. I do not use Microsoft Edge and had no idea that was part of the browser. Good to know!
June 22nd, 2022
@anniesue @sudweeks thanks for the info 😊
June 22nd, 2022
@sudweeks wow!! Thank you. Wonder if other browsers do/will do that,??
June 22nd, 2022
I just searched through some of my photos, doing the visual search. It brings up similar photos--could be from anywhere.
June 23rd, 2022
thanks, Josh @sudweeks - I must have entered 365 through Edge rather than Google (somehow?!). I do know my posted pics are out of my control, but hope we're still a bit far off from my "1984" vision of crawler bots feeding to sites that would triangulate images and add GPS co-ordinates!!
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