*NEW* Macro Challenge - GLASS

posted January 29th, 2018
A big thank you to Diana @sunshinepix for hosting the last macro challenge with the theme of Metal. Thank you to all that participate in these challenges, entering a photo and voting for the entries. We couldn't keep these challenges going without you. And lastly, thank you for all the votes for my Head of a Pin - or 40. I am still getting the hang of my Macro lens and it's a great confidence builder to have my photo voted the winner.

For the new macro challenge I'd like to suggest GLASS. It is everywhere and in found in all sorts of shapes, colours and forms. Light reacts to it and through it in so many interesting ways so it will be fascinating to see what you come up with.

Please tag your photos with: macro-glass and consider posting your entries here on this thread as well in order to keep it current and generate more interest in the challenge.

The challenge starts today, Monday, January 29th and will end at midnight GMT Sunday, the 11th February. Entries must be taken and posted within these dates. I will then compile a list of finalists and post the entries for voting.

Previous topics include: hands, music, food packaging, brushes, motion, candy, knobs, buttons, cutlery, wood, eye, jewelry, stationery, fruit or fruits, water drops, St. Patrick’s Day, feathers, food, rust, leaf, herb/spice, money, tools, shells, toys, textures, bubbles, bugs, flowers, seeds, music, key, game piece, Christmas decoration, metal and now glass.

Have fun!
posted January 30th, 2018
posted January 31st, 2018
A great choice of subject Catherine this is my effort.
posted February 1st, 2018
Shines From Within

posted February 1st, 2018
A tiny, heart-shaped piece of seaglass...

posted February 4th, 2018
another attempt.

posted February 4th, 2018
posted February 5th, 2018
Another beach glass contribution.
posted February 5th, 2018
posted February 6th, 2018
posted February 12th, 2018
posted February 12th, 2018
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