Help! I won and don't know what to do.

November 25th, 2020
Having won the Perspective technique, I was honored with hosting the next round of entries for the sky technique. Is there a tutorial on how to gather the finalists into one topic for presentation to the community? I have been floundering around and have not been successful in organizing the finalists.
November 25th, 2020
I am no expert and there are others far more qualified to answer you, but all I do is to review the entrants when the deadline is passed, choose the 6 that I think are best, write a new post including these photos with new numbers. Then you have to wait until the time is up that you determine for voting and post an announcement of who has won. Hope this helps.
November 25th, 2020
I have a word doc ready and waiting for just an occasion like this!!
Congrats on winning the last technique challenge of perspective! I loved your sense of whimsy and humour with the camel’s behind!
The only downside of hosting is having to choose the finalists! That can be so tough because they often all deserve to be short listed!
But, once that is done, the process of creating a voting discussion is quite easy actually and just involves much copy and pasting to a Word Document of some sort.
First, choose your finalists – can be 4, 5, or 6 – there is no rule as to how many or few you choose. Your challenge, your rules! I do try to comment on everyone’s entry while choosing the finalists but if you do not have the time, so be it. Again, your challenge, your rules.
As for choosing finalists, you can use any criteria you wish. Technically, ascetically, first timers you want to encourage, just because you want to, anything goes. You can mention why you chose it, but most people do not.
Once you have selected your finalists, open a word doc that you want to copy and paste to, click on your first finalist (can be in any order you so choose), type out their name and @name, open the embed code by clicking on the right arrow found to the right of the FAV’s star. Copy the whole embed code – it is long! – and paste below the name and @name on your word doc. (I find it amazing when the embed code turns into a photo when you up load it.)
Repeat for all finalists. Do not forget to put numbers in front of their names for ease of voting. (and I have on occasion until someone mentions it during voting)
You can add a bit of introduction at the beginning of your word doc thanking everyone, and mentioning when voting ends, etc.
Now, go to Discuss under the task bar on top, click on it, click on Themes and Discussions, and open a New Topic on the top of the page.
Copy your whole word document and insert onto the New Topic, title the page, and click done (at least I think it says done).
Don’t worry if you have messed up because you can go back and edit anything in your new topic except the title (so don’t mess up the title – lol!)
Then – sit back and relax. Tally the votes when it is over, and announce the new winner. Tah-dah!! Yer dun!
November 25th, 2020
@farmreporter You need to save this spiel for future novice, winners!!
@joesweet Congratulations! As I said to Susan who is hosting voting for the first time- please don't let winning put you of entering challenges!!
November 25th, 2020
@farmreporter Wendy, that is a great explanation; if I am ever successful in a future challenge I am sure I will refer to it. :-)
November 25th, 2020
@farmreporter Hi Wendy, I was just thinking recently that it would be nice if there is somewhere that a new winner can be referred to. I wonder if it would be helpful if you can perhaps post your explanation to somewhere like 'Tips n Tricks' where it can be found relatively easily. And perhaps a link to that post can be included in future announcements of a challenge's winner.
November 25th, 2020
I wrote it out for one of the winners of a challenge I hosted who was in the same boat as Joe. So, then, I saved it and it has been used on numerous occasions since.
We have all been there, and the first time is always the hardest!
November 26th, 2020
@farmreporterOnce again Wendy to the rescue! You are a gem dear girl!
November 26th, 2020
What a great idea! I will do that!
November 26th, 2020
@farmreporter Thanks!
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