street 78 entries please!

February 23rd, 2021
Thank you to Frogger, @tdaug80 for hosting the Street 77. Come join the 78th Street Photography challenge. Eligible entries can go back to the end of the last street challenge, February 14, 2021. The deadline is noon GMT on March 14, 2021. Sorry I'm a bit late posting this next round! Tag your entries Street-78 has a pretty informative page on the subject if you want to read more about it:

Be aware of the law regarding posting photographs of people in public in your jurisdiction. The restrictions are pretty loose. Here are some guidelines:

Digital photography school has some good tips:

Have fun. I look forward to seeing your entries. You can see them here:

Feel free to post your pictures in the thread to help inspire other people.

Looking forward to seeing the streets in your area!
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