NOT-FOR-PEOPLE Magazine Cover Challenge

July 31st, 2021
Strictly fantasy and up to your imagination! Decide on your audience and create your cover. NOT for people. Just think of all the magazine covers you and your imagination could create! The dwarves or elves from Lord of the Rings, the monkeys from the Jungle Book, the rabbits in the warren from Watership Down, the Dragon Riders of Pern, Aliens from LV-426, the possibilities are endless. Draw inspiration from books, movies, shows, or your day dreams.

1. Use standard letter size 8.5 by 11.
2. Use one of your photos for the cover
3. Create a title for your magazine cover that's inclusive of your audience.
4. Write your teaser headlines to tempt your audience. The more teasers you can create - the better! Make them funny or make them daring.
5. Make sure your audience is obvious at a glance! Is it fairies, trolls, ghouls, aliens, chimera, wyverns or what? Be specific.

This challenge will run from July 30 to August 30. Tag your covers with NFPMag-2. Hopefully, photos will be seen here -

Please post your creations here to keep this thread in view.

Here is last month's challenge for examples to get your imagination started:***-please-vote-not-for-people-magazine-cover-***

Looking forward to see your magazine covers!
July 31st, 2021
Fantasy-tastic! Looking forward to seeing what comes. =)
August 2nd, 2021
I put this idea out there a while ago and no one used it. So...
August 3rd, 2021
I'll take a stab at it.

August 4th, 2021
@marlboromaam I'm turning to page 25 immediately!
August 4th, 2021
@blueberry1222 Like the tips for navigating a human boss, I might need those for my human boss too!
August 4th, 2021
@ryan161 LOL!
August 10th, 2021
Hope this will put the challenge closer to the front again -
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