52 Week Challenge, Week 49 - Still Life

December 2nd, 2023
Hi all,

Tomorrow, December 3rd, sees us into week 49 of the Capture52 challenge, and the theme will be:

Week 49 (3 Dec - 9 Dec) - Still life
It’s all about the light…show us some stunning still life photography.

Tags for this week: 52wc-2023-w49 (for here on 365), and #Capture52 or #Capture52week49 for social media.

Week 49 photos can be seen here
Week 48 photos can be seen here

If you’re new to 365, or if you’ve been here a while but never tried this challenge, why not join in? It’s a fun, friendly and relaxed challenge with no judging and no competition – the only aim is to get inspired and explore some themes and techniques you might not have tried before.

For a bit more background on the challenge, and the list of themes for the year, click here and if you’d like to get a notification when I post the weekly prompts, drop a comment below and I’ll add you to the list.

As always, big thanks to Alison & Justine for coming up with the list of prompts, and letting us follow along here on 365. If you’re on Facebook, do join the Capture52 group – it’s a lively, positive group for all photography types and skill levels.

Capture52 Facebook Group

December 2nd, 2023
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