W is for Worship by eleanor

W is for Worship

Before sunrise this morning, members of the Nazareth Baptist Church (iBandla lamaNazaretha or Shembe Church) came down to Milnerton for a baptism service. They are one of the many African Initiated Churches - churches which follow the Christian creed (mainly Old Testament) and include significant components of traditional African spiritualism and cultural practices. The leader of the Shembiates explained to me that they come to the sea for Baptism because "God is living, and the water must be moving".

There were three different church groups on the beach this morning. All had male leaders, and all were accompanied by a choir of ladies who were dressed in a choral uniform. Over the hour that they were there the singing and drum beats never stopped.

Their baptisms were full-body dunkings. High summer this would be interesting - but it was bitterly cold this morning, and I really felt for the initiates!
love this and the information included!
October 24th, 2010  
This is just so beautiful...and peaceful. Touching picture!
October 24th, 2010  
Beautiful shot Eleanor!
October 24th, 2010  
Wow, what a gorgeous place to be baptised!
October 24th, 2010  
The blur in the initiates at the water cool for the theme!
October 24th, 2010  
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