In the orchard by etienne

In the orchard

No bees in the orchard this year again. Year after year in Brittany we are loosing our fight against the asian hornet invasion. We will have to rely on fruit flies in order to pollinate the trees. Very sad to see this. 😥
Nice capture with the fruit fly. Sorry to hear about the lack of bees.
April 17th, 2021  
What a highly textured tree... so nice. Too bad about the bees... hope they return.
April 17th, 2021  
I recently read a good novel called The Ardent Swarm that featured an invasion of the murder hornets. While the work is fiction, I learned a bit about bees and the hornets. There is a species of bee in Japan that has learned a defense against the hornets. Maybe Brittany needs to import some queen bees from Japan.
April 17th, 2021  
Beautifully captured image! The problem related to bees is also present in Hungary!
April 17th, 2021  
That is sad to hear. Love your photo of the beautiful bud.
April 17th, 2021  
how worrying
April 18th, 2021  
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