others come for the view by fiveplustwo

others come for the view

he comes for the beer!

please drink responsibly.

(i had a short-lived career as a copywriter, and the one and only product i was given was a chocolate drink. i sat in front of the product for a week and then i quit.)

@summerfield with the smiling edwin ramos @fearinnocent
wow great billboard look
September 28th, 2017  
Ha! Total billboard look, so well done Vikki! Nice posing Edwin :)
September 28th, 2017  
@summerfield oh, come on, you have a talent for writing, I read the blog posts you linked here on 365. Maybe the chocolate drink was not your taste! This payoff (others come for the view) is brilliant for the beer! If I may, I would slightly change the second line (what about "until they taste the beer"?) ;-) Overall, great ad!
September 28th, 2017  
I think this is a spectacular advertisement. Clever to use the puzzle pieces

I can't believe you couldn't think of something to do for something that was chocolate!
October 1st, 2017  
ha ha looks fabulous
October 1st, 2017  
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