Mystery and Suspense  by fiveplustwo

Mystery and Suspense

This week's theme is "Noir", please join in!

yeah! i want to know what's with the cup. or is that a mug?
February 18th, 2020  
Great lighting!
February 18th, 2020  
Like the shadow... but shouldn't he be holding a gun instead?
February 18th, 2020  
@vignouse That's the mystery...what's in the other hand?
February 18th, 2020  
@mikegifford A McVitie's Rich Tea Biscuit?
February 18th, 2020  
@vignouse whahaha!
@mikegifford mmm, it's got to be something to do with the mug from two weeks back, I think. Now I want to know where this story leads to! :-)
February 18th, 2020  
@vignouse Haha!
@mikegifford Very mysterious!
February 19th, 2020  
Very cool, Sir! @mikegifford
February 20th, 2020  
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