Just a singular kernal of corn... by fiveplustwo

Just a singular kernal of corn...

or a uni-corn, one might say... ;)

Photographer: @kuva
Selfie Theme: Unicorn

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i toyed with that idea, too, but i ate the corn! 🤣 aces, kid!
March 28th, 2020  
That's a corn-y joke! ;)
March 28th, 2020  
Gonna have to report you to the kernel! :)
March 28th, 2020  
@kuva Way too cleaver!
March 28th, 2020  
Oh that’s plain brilliant! Chapeau! @kuva
March 28th, 2020  
That is so clever!!!
March 28th, 2020  
LOL! So clever - great wordplay!
March 28th, 2020  
March 28th, 2020  
Very very clever!
March 29th, 2020  
clever idea :-)
March 29th, 2020  
Very corny!
April 4th, 2020  
@summerfield Ha! Had I popped it, I most definitely would have eaten it. ;)
@dustyloup @christophercox Haha! Both of you made me laugh with the corn-y joke of your own!
@juliedduncan Hahaha!
@mikegifford @domenicododaro @30pics4jackiesdiamond @taffy @kjarn @overalvandaan Thank you! *takes bow* (but I don't deserve the credit, I saw it/or something similar on the internet somewhere... where most of my inspiration comes from).
@kali66 That was the fate of that corn kernel, indeed.
April 5th, 2020  
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