Not really "my" photo... but sort of... by gardencat

Not really "my" photo... but sort of...

Over the weekend I came across a link to a live web cam situated in Brooks Falls Alaska. A place that is obviously a popular fishing spot for the local brown bear population. After spending about 25 or 30 minutes watching 3 quite large brown bears fishing (not too successfully) in the stream this momma bear wandered into the scene with her two cubs. The really cool thing is that there is a camera icon on the screen and, if you see a moment that you'd really like to capture, you can use it to take a snap shot of what is on camera at that time and e-mail it to yourself, or someone else. So I sort of took this picture remotely, from about 3,500 miles away ( 5,700km) and with no control over the camera settings, just the power to decide exactly when to press the shutter.If you want to have a look here is the link, but I warn you, if there are bears there when you check in, it's hard to move away and there might go an hour or so of your time.
Thank you for sharing!
June 28th, 2016  
It's really lovely and what an opportunity for some wildlife 'shooting'!
June 29th, 2016  
A fabulous shot. I was in Brooke's Falls 5 years ago and saw LOTS of bears. It's a wonderful place.
June 30th, 2016  
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