Knowledgeable handyman makes his marks by ggshearron

Knowledgeable handyman makes his marks

We bought our condo in 7/21/23 and quickly determined that the stools under the kitchen table (built into the wall as a hutch as well) were about 3 inches too tall to sit on comfortably for more than about 10 minutes. I checked with several area big box stores in their lumber department and found they don't provide the kind of "piece work" that I needed done, which is to shorten the legs by 3 inches, and make sure they sit flat. I finally checked with my longtime friend Carl, went over to his place this past week, and IMMEDIATELY, he began marking each of he legs using these two blocks and a pencil, going around each of the legs one at a time. Importantly, this allowed him a guide to make the cuts at the proper angle to be flat when the stool sits on the floor. He took his time, did a great job and I was MORE than appreciative and took him out to lunch after that, because he refused to be paid. Friends are the best!
Nice to have talented friends.
April 14th, 2024  
Lovely… yes friends are the best
April 14th, 2024  
Friends make our lives richer.
April 16th, 2024  
Great story and story telling image
April 16th, 2024  
April 17th, 2024  
April 18th, 2024  
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