man. dog. by graemestevens

man. dog.

I'm really not feeling very inspired at the moment (I think that's down to being so busy at work) so it's off to the beach we go. I hope you're ready for a few beach shots though as I spent a good amount of time there.
When you are here, you have the talent to get the best of it! . I got a beach shot when the beach was in the shade and so put more light into it. I learn from you!
November 2nd, 2020  
I love that line of sea and footsteps as they take the eye into the distance.
November 2nd, 2020  
fab lines and light
November 2nd, 2020  
Always ready for beach shots, especially for your amazing ones...
November 2nd, 2020  
I live right by the beach and I still never tire of seeing it. Bring 'em on!
November 2nd, 2020  
Fabulous. Living in the Midlands, UK, I’m always ready for shots of the beach. Keep ‘em coming!
November 2nd, 2020  
Minimalism at it's best.
November 2nd, 2020  
Love this. In the past, it seems to me, your beach shots have tended more to monochrome and, while they are dramatic, the subtle colours here work so well and give a whole other dimension to the image.
November 2nd, 2020  
Just beautiful!
November 2nd, 2020  
Never tire of the beach!
November 2nd, 2020  
Great place to relax.
November 2nd, 2020  
You've got some great landscapes in your part of the world :)
November 2nd, 2020  
Lovely inspiration, the beach is magical. I work so much too, challenging at times to fit it all in & why I stopped posting here for a few years.
November 2nd, 2020  
beautiful shot
November 2nd, 2020  
I know how you feel sir. But you still got out and captured a great landscape.
November 2nd, 2020  
I love long walks on the beach. You can talk to yourself.
November 2nd, 2020  
@haskar I'm usually the only one who listens to me anyway ;)
@ghost13 Thank you very much :)
@koalagardens Thanks awfully :)
@carolinesdreams I do like a good beach...luckily this is only a couple of minutes from the door!
@pdulis I'll pass that on to Mum Nature ;)
@byrdlip It seems to work!
@redy4et Likewise :)
@corinnec Thanks very much :)
@gardencat Thanks very much - Sometimes they need that hint of colour :)
@alophoto Thanks very much :)
@tinley23 You may regret that...
@aikiuser There's something about them ;)
@frappa77 Thank you so much :)
@annied Thank you kindly :)
@jamibann Thanks very much :)
@maggiemae Thanks - not too much processing on this one, just a light crop and I tweaked the clarity up by about 10%
November 3rd, 2020  
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