creeper by graemestevens


Best on black again I should think
I’m out of here for sure
January 22nd, 2021  
Love what you did here... but yeah... I’ll be backing away slowly!!
January 22nd, 2021  
don't open the door...
January 22nd, 2021  
I'm being as quiet as I can, maybe you'll just pass me by. Fav!
January 22nd, 2021  
You moved into @northy 's??
January 22nd, 2021  
ooooh minimalistic very good
January 22nd, 2021  
Eerie and excellent!
January 22nd, 2021  
Eerie, and cool. Great job
January 22nd, 2021  
BoB ????Thought it already was !!!
January 22nd, 2021  
Jeepers! :)
January 22nd, 2021  
Super creepy! And more so on black.....
January 22nd, 2021  
@jacqbb Mission accomplished :)
@swillinbillyflynn I can't believe that it took 10 comments for that to happen... ;)
@cutekitty I like BoB. He's so quiet and unassuming.
@swchappell Thanks very much :)
@novab Thank you kindly :)
@koalagardens Thanks awfully :)
@30pics4jackiesdiamond You never know where I'll pop up...
@joysabin Probably...I'm only heading to the kitchen...
@jackies365 I wouldn't, it'll get draughty...
@northy It wasn't meant to look like this at all...but I'm not telling anyone that...
@jgpittenger Stick around. Treat yourself ;)
January 22nd, 2021  
Not your usual colourful self, Virginia!
January 22nd, 2021  
I feel like backing away slowly while looking for something to use as a weapon. Fav
January 22nd, 2021  
What a history! Until I'm afraid to know the ending.
January 22nd, 2021  
Damn, that is straight out of my nightmares. Exactly.
January 23rd, 2021  
@darylo Super!
@haskar Thanks very much :)
@fotoblah You do that ;)
@vignouse Thanks Dorothy ;)
January 23rd, 2021  
Sleep Walking ? - Nightmares for sure
January 23rd, 2021  
sorry I have been absent from visiting for a while - but glad to see you are still creeping around and up to no good. None of the gore, but all of the menace of your style contained in this capture.
January 23rd, 2021  
So ominous on black -- nightmare-inducing easily.
January 24th, 2021  
Probably 1:40 in the morning was not the best time to view this image... Geez, I may be up even later now.
January 24th, 2021  
@aikiuser No my problem ;)
@taffy excellent ;)
@helenhall Pleased to see you back ;)
@pdulis I sleep the sleep of the dead...
January 25th, 2021  
Your work is chillingly delicious
February 1st, 2021  
@catcarter19 Thank you very much - just what I was aiming for :)
February 2nd, 2021  
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